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                      ***   Quiet Merzouga Desert Welcomes You   ***


4x4 In Erg chebbi desert,

Excursion by 4x4 in desert !

Rent 4x4 in desert in the way of rally paris dakar is an adventure fast and fun !

But we avoid the sand dunes to respect the value of the nature!!!!

We will visit Gnawa music in khamlia ,Nomade people,Mountains, Desert stones,Berber village,Oases Oasis,Below are some information of the excursions we do, but together with you, we can adjust the tour as you like.

The excursions start from our house in middle of the village.

We organize deferent excursions by 4x4 contact us for listening to your programe with atencion !

We start in the morning derrection to Gnawa music , In village of black people from mali and sudan ,After listening and dancing our adventure will contunue to the route of rally Paris Dakar, crossing Desert track direction to ' Mefes mines ' After 30 mnts we will drive in desert stones it will be fantastic ,Midday we stop the car for tea with lunch in nomade land ,You will experience how the people can live in desert with sandstorm in summer with very warm weather,After lunch we will follow the dunes of Erg chebbi always in track of rally paris dakar ,We will arrive to the end of erg chebbi dunes ,We will have a break to take pictures ,And then we passage berber villages ,We come back to the guest house ,then we will walk from the house into the sand dunes to watch the sunset for 30 mnts walking,

The sun set in the dunes which are closer to our village .

Sunrise in desert by 4x4

The excursion start one hour before the sunrise ,we come to pick up you from your hotel in Merzouga area,the trip takes 2 hours in total,then we go to a big sand dunes to watch the sunrise,after enjoying the sahara magic,we comeback to your hotel,

The price : 700 Dirhams per 4x4 car,includ till 5 people sharing the trip for the same price,

The sunset in desert by 4x4

The trip start from our guest house in desert,Chez les habitants,then it takes two hours in total,one hour before the sunset and one hour after the sunset,

The price : 700 Dirhams per 4x4 car,includ till 5 people sharing the trip for the same price,

Three Different Excursions By 4x4 in Merzouga Desert .

Half Day by 4x4

Includes : 4x4 , lunch,Water,Driver,Guide.

1 All the day by 4x4

Includes : 4x4 Car ,Lunch,Water,Guide,Driver.

We are ready if you have some more programes by 4x4 in desert just contact us !

                              We are ready for your service ,Because You are our Guest!

If you are coming by your own car or motobike To our Guest house in Desert this is our GPS

 31°04'02.4"N 4°00'59.6"W

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"I've always loved the desert. It sits on a sand dune. We see nothing. One hears nothing. And yet something shines in silence ... "Antoine de Saint-Exupéry "

« J’ai toujours aimé le désert. On s’assoit sur une dune de sable. On ne voit rien. On n’entend rien. Et cependant quelque chose rayonne en silence… » " Antoine de Saint-Exupéry "

Here a link to our guest house in merzouga desert      www.chez-les-habitants.com

We are all happy to host you in our guest house family !

And have a fun next day with 4x4 in desert injoin us !

Writing : Ahmed amraoui

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